HIV Education Risk Reduction

The Healthy Alternatives for Reducing the Risk of HIV Infection - HARRP project targets men and women at sexual risk who may be dual diagnosed, at risk for HIV or STDs, or experience substance abuse. Women are invited to participate in 4 session- HIV health education/risk reduction education, as well as One-on-One health education counseling.  Sessions and One-on-Ones are offered throughout the year at various sites in the Los Angeles area. Sites currently include:

The program provides an individualized behavior change plan for each participant based upon an assessment of his/her readiness to change with respect to HIV risk behaviors. The plan focuses on setting & meeting small, realistic goals toward behavior change as well as reducing or extinguishing risk-taking behaviors.

Clients may receive referrals, a certificate of completion and gift cards for completion of sessions. If you would like to join us or have a site you are interested in us coming to, contact the program coordinator.


For further information please contact Roxanne Lewis at (213) 253-8245 or (213) 486-4953.